Having been a Storyboard Artist and Illustrator in the Malaysian Film and Advertising Industries for more than 10 years running, and having had the opportunity to work with Creative Directors like Francis 'Pope' Mascrinhos and Film Directors like iClaudius (Claude Rodriguez), Naguib Razak (former Director General of FINAS) and Dain Said (Bunohan), has taught me a lot in both Long and Short Formats and as of 2012, I have been working both manually and digitally. I do admit I'm not one of the best and although I prefer to let my work speak for me, the following are just two of the recommendations from various clients and colleagues that are found on my Linkedin profile-

“Augustus is a talented visualizer and what sets him apart from other storyboard artists is his ability to comprehend the director's vision and put it to paper” - Jehan Miskin, Owner of Mastermind Group Sdn Bhd

“Finally an artist that makes sense. While full of critiques, his insights will definitely enrich your ideas and strengthen the vision that your project strives to achieve. Great work ethics and high quality art. A joy to work with!” - Adam Kitingan, Visual Effects Supervisor, Creature Designer & Assistant Art Director, APPARAT

Anyone who is interested in hiring me may reach me through my -

Email: varsung@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and God bless.

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